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International visitors to the Republic of Singapore must carry a valid passport with at least 6 months' validity. Citizens of certain countries do require a Visa to come to Singapore. Each participant/advisor is responsible for applying and obtaining his/her own Visa. 


Useful links:


Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, Singapore


Do you need an Entry Visa to visit Singapore (see for list of countries):


Important information for visitors:


The Organizing Committee will arrange 4 nights' accommodation for all participants and advisors. 


The Organizing Committee will provide Welcome Luncheon (Opening Ceremony), Formal Luncheon (Day 4) and Breakfast (all mornings) for all participants and advisors. In total, there are 4 Breakfast + 2 Lunch.


The Organizing Committee does not take responsibility for arranging transportation for participants/advisors' arrival and departure to/from Singapore. Chartered buses will be available for relevant travel and learning sessions.

Travel Insurance

All participants and advisors are required to purchase Travel Insurance before coming to Singapore. The travel insurance should cover but not limited by:

  • Lost or Damaged Luggage

  • Sudden Trip Cancellation

  • Personal Accident Coverage

  • Medical Expenses and Emergency

  • Travel Delay not caused by you (including natural disasters)

Application Form (Participant)

Application Form (Advisor)

AYLTLC Brochure

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